Ryan Hassan: Breaking the cycle of ice addiction

WARNING:  I swore, sorry (podcast below)

Ryan is the co-founder of the Melbourne Centre of Healing.  In this clip he shares one of the driving beliefs behind his work, healing the wound;

Ryan’s self-development journey has been as much about his formal education across a swag of modalities which he incorporates into his ground breaking program, as it is about his personal journey.

Only a few short years ago Ryan was an every day user of ice and ghb who was dealing to support his habit.

It wasn’t being arrested and doing a short stint in prison that changed his life, nor was it the 12 day detox program that he undertook, nor was it losing everything.

The eventual shift that Ryan experienced leading him to where he is today came to him through a chance meeting, a meeting that changed his life.  Find out more in the following interview;

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