Meet Kerry Grace

Regional Impact Facilitator

A thought leader and speaker who has spent most of her life living in regional Australia, Kerry Grace applies her skills in leadership, community and economic development and community engagement to amplify the strengths of regional communities.


Kerry applies her experiences in regional communities to add value in the following ways.

regional Community Engagement

Do you need to reach a regional community? It may not be as easy as you think and city based strategies certainly aren’t going to cut the mustard.  Kerry designs and delivers regional community engagement strategies for all types of organisations.


Kerry is a highly skilled facilitator who has worked with government, not for profits, Aboriginal corporations and community groups to facilitate conversations that draw out all sides of the topic at hand. Kerry specialises in facilitation on contentious community matters. 

Author / Writer

Kerry writes about community resilience, not for profit management and the human condition. She writes across a range of blogs and is currently finalising her first book, “Spiralling Up” which will be published in 2024. 

Emcee / Speaker

With a focus on regional community matters such as building lasting capacity within communities, developing leaders and solving pressing regional issues, Kerry is an entertaining and engaging speaker. 

About Kerry

A passionate regional Australian

Kerry supports her clients in government, not for profits, Aboriginal corporations and community groups to address their most wicked problems and implement sustainable positive pathways forward building strong outcomes across the local economy, health, education and wellbeing.

Kerry delivers services in community engagement,  facilitation and strategic planning. Her work draws from her experiences as a senior regional leader, not for profit manager and also over 20 years in the vocational education sector.

Communities already know the solutions to their greatest problems. Often what is needed is someone who can gently guide a conversation about what these solutions are and how they should be implemented.

Kerry Grace

Impact Facilitator

Why you should work with Kerry

Proven experience

Kerry has a proven track record of sustainable impact within regional communities which extends an agreed return on investment to her clients. Her focal strengths include:
A thought leader

Tried and tested approaches and theories are often successful, but Kerry isn't afraid to push boundaries and pioneer new and unique ways in which to achieve the goals of the community she is working in. Kerry is called upon by all levels of government to develop strategic pathways forward for regional communities.
Her leadership is also demonstrated via her annual conference, Social Impact in the Regions.

Ability to build trusted relationships

Through years of working in regional communities Kerry is known to build trusted relationships across a broad range of stakeholders, thus encouraging honest and constructive dialogue between all involved. Kerry held a senior leadership position as the Director of Regional Development for Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast and Norfolk Island 2016-2023.

A deep understanding of regional Australia

Kerry’s family have lived in the regions for seven generations. Having grown up in a regional community herself and spending most of her adult life in regional Australia, Kerry understands the challenges that communities and corporates face when looking to work together. There is simply no substitute for lived experience.

A flexible approach to a variety of entities

Throughout her career, Kerry has worked with community leaders, small businesses, large corporations and not for profit organisations. Kerry has worked in a senior role in vocational education to encourage investment in programs for Indigenous communities. She is often called upon to support capacity development in Aboriginal Corporations. She understands the intricacies of the various stakeholders in any situation and is able to speak a language that everyone understands.


Would you like to work with Kerry?

If you would like to work with Kerry, require more information or simply wish to touch base and connect, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kerry is always looking to broaden her network as well as answer questions that potential clients might have.


What clients say


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