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Speaker and emcee

Kerry is an engaging, authentic and empowering speaker. She is also a skilled MC for business or community events.

Over the years Kerry has spoken at many community driven events, be it for the corporate environment or local government. Her style of speaking is extremely honest, straightforward and incredibly thought-provoking. Having said that, Kerry is able to couple her message with a great sense of humour and manner that is everything but boring.

Be it for a keynote speech or an Emcee gig, Kerry is a versatile speaker that engages her audience and adds value to all events in which she participates. 


Kerry's 2024 keynotes include the following:

Building lasting capability in your community

While 'resilience' has been a government focus in the regions in recent years, capacity development is at the heart of a resilient community. But how do you engage a community on their capabilities when people are exhausted, tired of top down approaches that tell them what they should be doing and lacking in resources? There is a way... This key note explores ways to identify and nurture existing capability, engage community in a strengths based approach and to develop superpowers in listening.

Activating accidental leaders

Regional Australian communities have been through a lot. From natural disasters to pandemic, supply chain and workforce shortages to housing crisis. The glue holding our communities together are the 'accidental' leaders, the people who do, do, do in community and shy away from the thanks and accolades that would usually accompany such superhuman contributions. Our communities simply could not function without these accidental leaders. But in an ever changing world equipped with clip boards, checklists and rule books how do we ensure they feel engaged, motivated and recognised? And why should we care?

REAL collaboration to solve your region’s biggest problems

While government's have highlighted the need for collaborative partnerships in funding applications for decades a savvy grant assessor will know that there is collaboration (on paper) and real, demonstrated collaboration.
What is the difference?
While the best of intentions are often present during the development of collaborative relationships, once economic rationalisation, personalities and varying community and organisational pressures settle the partnerships often don't last beyond the ink drying on the funding contract.
This key note better enables community practitioners to identify and create lasting collaborative relationships that stand the test of time. It also enables people assessing applications to 'smell a rat' with a checklist of what to look for in successful partnerships.

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If you would like to work with Kerry, require more information or simply wish to touch base and connect, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kerry is always looking to broaden her network as well as answer questions that potential clients might have.

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