I don’t know where this acronym FIGJAM actually came from but the first time I remember hearing it is in a movie that I saw in my youth… Was it Mel Gibson? Was it someone else, maybe you remember?

Anyway? What I wish is that I took the acronym on board then and there, and not wait until I was 40 to truly claim it.

For anyone that’s in the dark I’ll fill you in – FIGJAM “F*&K I’m good, just ask me”

When was the last time you proclaimed your awesomeness? Publicly? Or even quietly to yourself?

Our society has a stark dislike of those who are prepared to stand up tell the world how good they are. We call them ‘big noters’, ‘up town’, ‘up themselves’, ‘head in the clouds’ and we LOVE when they fall from grace. Just think about the stories you hear in the media, of course there are many reports about those we are led to expect to do the wrong thing doing the wrong thing but it’s utterly delicious, sensational when someone who is otherwise ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’, ‘rich’, ‘successful’ or otherwise looked up to messes up.


I’m going to be talking about failure a lot because I think it’s something that NONE of us embrace often enough. But today I’m talking about what’s good about you and I dare you to scream it from the highest building.

Here’s mine to get you inspired…

I’m an awesome facilitator and can create solutions to very difficult problems

I’m an excellent cook

I make people feel comfortable and enjoy making people laugh

I create a loving and abundant life for my family

As I wrote each point I noticed a variety of inner voices saying things like “no you’re not”, “I’m better at that than you”, “but there was that time when you did xyz”… AND you know what? Today I tell those inner voices to get back in the box where they belong.

Today is the day I say “FU*K I’M GOOD, JUST ASK ME

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