Are you a leader? No? So why are people following you?

I know so many truly good, open hearted, productive and bone tired accidental leaders.

These are the people who are in the pubs selling raffle tickets, get stopped in the supermarkets to answer any kind of question, always show up to the community meetings to fill up the never ending pieces of butchers paper and are always on the list when a new consultant comes to town, or when a pollie needs a pic.

These are the people whose homes and hearts are always open and yet wallets are often pretty well empty.

Is this you?

If it is, I bet you refuse to call yourself a leader. In fact, I bet you refuse so hard that the mere idea of it makes you feel sick. I can see you rolling your eyes now – but do me a favour, read on, just for a minute.

I bet you tell yourself and everyone around you that you are just one person doing what you can – because that’s what anyone would do, right?


Actually, most people are too lazy to get off the ass shaped imprint on their couch let alone move into a forward moving gear.  Most people have no idea where to start, and if they did chances are they’d actually run the other way because they are too scared about what would happen if they stuck their head up.

But not you.

You not only felt the tap on your shoulder, but every time the words rise in your throat, into your mouth you do not swallow them. You say what needs to be said. Even if it means you’re judged, shouted at or eyes roll as someone says just loud enough “not you again”.

And when your legs are weary but your gut says act now you are the first one with your car keys in your hands, or a pot on the stove to warm someone’s belly and heart.

Notice for just a moment what happens when you speak, when you act. Are you walking alone? Or are there others there with you? When you move about your community do people run the other way? And even if some actually do I bet there are more that approach you to say hi, to ask you questions or to ask you to get involved in something.

Because what you think, what you do, who you are matters to those people. (Whether you like to hear that or not).

Now, for just a minute ask yourself how life could change if you did consider yourself a leader. If you started leading on purpose.

No, it probably doesn’t mean you’ll have a personalised marching band nor ticker tape parade. You’re not even likely to get a crown nor name plate for your door.


Being a leader on purpose, recognising yourself as a leader could actually make your life a whole lot easier.

It’s true.

When you choose to consider yourself a leader, even if just quietly to yourself, you’ll start to notice some things about yourself and the people around you.

As a leader on purpose you’ll notice;

  • People are waiting on you to decide what to do next – and you’ll move forward with a considered approach.
  • People will actively seek out your time and suck you dry if they can – and you’ll set some time aside to retreat and recover your strength.
  • That your thoughts matter to a broad range of people – and you’ll make time to ensure your thinking will create potent change for the things and people you care about, and dis-concern yourself with fluff.
  • That it takes a lot of time to answer to every thing that calls you – and you’ll make wise choices about when to step forward.
  • That it takes a lot of resources to do this for your community – and you’ll find a way to get compensated, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable at first.
  • That your role as a leader can take you away from the people you love most – and you’ll enable them to understand your calling, and say no to the outside world when you need to
  • You now have different learning and support needs to enable you to grow and become more powerful in your leadership role – and you’ll seek out different kinds of learning and support, and as the student calls the mentor will appear.
  • Most importantly – you’ll notice that your value to others, to your cause, to the greater good is far beyond what you can imagine – and you’ll learn to love yourself and all that you are.

Are you an accidental leader? Love to hear more about the things you’re passionate about.

Thanks for reading,

Kerry (leading on purpose !)


Featured image credit: Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash

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