Angry? Get off the fence.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a tough time witnessing the media this week. I’m writing to try and gain some perspective on the stories that have really got under my skin and I’m wondering if maybe it’s time for a self-imposed digital detox. Or Is it time to get Really REALLY Angry? […]

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Understanding the Facebook Scam

Late in September 2018 Facebook released information that around 50 Million accounts had been hacked in a major security breach. According to Facebook it was a no big deal, nothing to see here kind of event. Around 90 Million users were logged out of their accounts and had to log back in. Did any major

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Escaping the big smoke

Today has been a rather challenging event. A frustrating early meeting followed by a little too much comfort swearing, rude waitstaff, gridlocked traffic and wind. The wind surely didn’t help. I’m in Sydney, I’m craving my country paradise. Is it a sign of getting older? Is it how life is at the moment? Or has

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A road warriors guide to working in regional Australia

While travelling for work may seem glamorous, any road warrior will tell you it can become very tiring, particularly out on the roads of regional Australia. In regional towns things like good places to eat, appropriate places to meet, telecommunications blackspots on the road, places to fuel up without queues and more can cause issues.

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