Don’t let the flying saucers take your brain

Any moment now, a flying saucer is going to park on your roof and a little green creature will plonk into your bed as you rest, drag you out and implant a whole new bunch of crazy thoughts into your mind.

Not going to happen – right.  You’d kick, scream, cry, fight to save your precious mind.


So why, WHY is it that when left to our own free will we let our mind willingly go off into outer space?

We travel through a fantasy land of what might, or might not be happening, of what could or could not result of any given situation.  We torture ourselves with thoughts of any given number of things.  And then panic sets in causing worry, distress – about things that WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WILL HAPPEN.

Ever experienced that?

Today has been a bit emotional for me (please don’t do sympathy, I don’t need it – just sharing that emotion because I think it’s healthy to do that).  Anyway, my day started at the dentist.  I haven’t been for such a long time I’d forgotten how completely freaked out I am by this experience.  My mind runs wild as I sit in the chair and hear those god awful noises of mass cavity destruction.  I sweat, I dig my nails into the palms of my hands, I wince and every now and then I open my eyes in pure terror (which I’m sure makes the dentist cackle).

My brain played wicked tricks on me as to what could, might, should or maybe would happen.  In the end the only scary thing was the bill.

But even that reality check doesn’t stop me from imagining tragedy, deceit, imminent failure and disaster (maybe those little green guys took my brain a long time ago).  I gave up in the end and came home to rest.

And as I rested I thought about the power of thought: (yes, I thought about thinking) and pondered some learning I’ve picked up along the way:

* How, in our minds we have the power to manifest situations that don’t actually exist
* How there is no such thing as the truth, only perception
* How our brain cannot tell the difference between something that HAS and HAS NOT actually happened

* and, to be oh, so careful about the ‘truths’ we tell ourselves because they really and truly do shape our lives

So, this weekend as I think through the week that was, I’m going to do a bit of thinking about what I want my truth to be right now.  And at the same time really work on those muscles of positive thought.  Yep, some things might be crappy but that doesn’t mean I have to think about them.  What I think about I give power to, I can choose my thoughts and I will.

How about you?

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