When was the last time you had a BIG, CRAZY idea (and told someone?)

There are three things I’d like to be remembered for (when the time comes and I’m not planning on that being soon) – my ability to make people feel at ease, my delicious rustic cooking and my BIG, CRAZY ideas (and my audacity to give them life).

I’ve attended and facilitated more community and group meetings than I can count. In this time there’s one thing that can be guaranteed at every event.


Oh! My goodness. An event has been constructed (be it tick box or genuine – yes, I implied that happens) and the opportunity is squandered talking about the things that everyone knows are needed with ZERO time left to dream.

But that’s OK, right? Because we dare not dream in the company of others for fear of being seen as a dreamer, idiot or subversive leftie.

And yet dreams are the things that brought us our regional universities, our flash new highway, our libraries and art galleries, new hospitals and the programs and services that protect the welfare of our communities, and even our most favourite events.

Our dreams count.

So why are we discouraged from sharing them? WHY is it that in our culture we are rewarded for playing it beige and most importantly safe ?

And… for that matter… where have our dreamers gone?

If you were asked this question… “If resources and support were not barriers what game changer would you suggest for your region?” Think about it for a moment… What infrastructure, event, innovation, activation would you put on the table? And to what end?

Imagine yourself speaking the words. Imagine rising above the criticism, the laughter, the nasty comments and moving forward with that game changer no matter the personal cost. Would you ? Could you ?

It’s time to support our inventors, our thinkers and our innovators don’t you think? Because the last time I looked there were a hell of a lot of gaps in our ability to survive and thrive as functioning, cohesive communities – surely… someone has some good ideas !!??

So, whether you’re a thinker, a do-er or an administrator here’s my best advice:

There is no doubt beige has it’s place. Beige is safe and non confrontational.

However, we are not living in the age of beige.

Our challenges be they environmental, economic or personal are such that we need to risk just a little in order to gain a lot.

And if you’re a facilitator of ideas some ideas.. By all means list the things that are essential, life saving and popular. But make some time for crazy because crazy + commitment could just get us out of here…

So… what big, crazy idea are you going to entertain? Tell me more…

Kerry Grace is a community engagement practitioner currently leading a regional development organisation in NSW Australia and managing her own company Evolve Group Network (est 2003).

Kerry’s work focuses on enabling economic sustainability in small regional communities. With a strong consultancy background she has worked with all levels of government, not for profits and Aboriginal corporations. She is often called upon for her facilitation skills to moderate pathways forward for contentious and complex issues.

Kerry regularly blurts words about accidental leadership, being a mum in business, self-care and adapting for an uncertain future.

Image credit: david-von-diemar-500351-unsplash

Originally published on Kerry’s LinkedIn page.

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