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Managing work-life creep

Fun fact. The notion of ‘work life balance’ was first proposed by a renegade called Robert Owen. Can you guess when? 1817. Owen’s famous phrase was “8 hours labour, 8 hours recreation, 8 hours rest” neatly dividing the day into work time, play time and rest time. While the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) says […]

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Dear Nana…

Dear Nana, I received your letter today, thank you it was so lovely to hear from you. Nana, now my three kids are getting a bit bigger it really makes me wonder how you raised nine children largely by yourself. You must have spent a lot of time ‘counting to ten’ (that’s to stay calm,

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Was it worth it?

Don’t know about you, but as I reach Christmas time thoughts of the year that was tap me on the shoulder and whisper sweet (and not so sweet) nothings in my ear.  I think about what I did well, where I failed miserably, where I picked myself up again and what I’ll enhance next year. But

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Curing Monday-itis

Any moment now three small people are just about to bust through my front door. The school teachers are done for the day, the bus has made it’s delivery and the complaints department has opened. I’m home. I love Mondays, now I have my fancy schmancy office I no longer have to work at home.

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