Meet my friends: Behind the scenes

It’s almost one month now since I officially hatched the Meet My Friends project. One month, only 3 (of 1,266) interviews published and a couple in draft.

But I don’t feel deflated. Yet.

And the encouragement I’ve been getting from many friends is certainly keeping me motivated.

My kids have offered their ever present encouragement:

“Mum you didn’t even get to day 5 of your 365 day video challenge, you’re never going to do this”

“Mum, I hope you’re asking those people if you can write that about them”

“Mum, you shouldn’t write like that, it’s just boring”

They have prepared me for a cruel world.
I did the math… 1266/365

= 3 and a bit years to complete IF I interview someone each day or

= 35 years at the rate I’m currently moving at

But I’m still not deterred. In fact, I’ve even added 10 new friends to the list.

The fact is… The challenge is actually providing me with the motivation, desire and space to write. I’ve been exploring various genres, publishing platforms and simultaneously ideas and my own beliefs. I’m loving it.

I will admit that the 25 lunch invitations when I first posted the challenge made me catch my breath – where could I possibly fit those in?? Let’s remember, I created the challenge with the purpose of connecting and after several years of hiding out and avoiding most social connection aside of my very busy work life I’m ready for this.

The summer holidays are quickly approaching giving me the gift of time and I cannot wait to use this time to meet more friends and further explore the joy of writing.

See you soon.

#Meet My Friends is a project and personal challenge that I’ve set for myself to meet all of my 1,266 Facebook friends and spend at least half an hour connecting with each and every one of them. The commenced on 17 September 2018 and it has no time limits. The original post outlining the challenge is here

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