Coffs Harbour: Leading change workshop preparation

Hi there, if you’re attending my workshop as part of the North Coast Female Leadership Forum which will be held in Coffs Harbour on 9 March the following questions are directed to you.

Having said that, if you’ve stumbled upon this post and you find yourself leading change you may just benefit too.

Don’t be shy – use the comments below. If you’re attending the workshop I’m not expecting an essay, there will be no public speaking requirement (for you) and I’m not looking for evidence of you having done your homework… This is just an opportunity for you to take a deep dive into some of the topics of the workshop to prepare your thoughts…

Workshop scope: Are you leading change? Whether you are an accidental or appointed leader chances are at some stage in your career you’ll be called upon to lead change.

Questions to consider:

About you as a leader

  • Are you an accidental or intentional leader? How may this influence your impact as a leader?
  • Think of a time you led in a way that felt authentic to you. At home – at work:
    • What beliefs guided your leadership?
    • What qualities do you bring to leadership?
    • How did you know what to do?

About your leadership opportunity

Consider something that you are currently leading. Perhaps it’s a team, maybe it’s a project, maybe it’s you. Now think through the following questions:

  • Where do you feel stuck ?
  • Why ?
  • What are your options? (even and especially the ones that seem impossible)
  • What really needs to happen next?
  • How do your beliefs align to what you know needs to happen?
  • Where are you challenged in the external (to you) environment? Where are you challenged by others? And where are systems challenging you?
  • If this change doesn’t happen what opportunity is lost?

SEE YOU SOON and remember, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Image credit: Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash

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