Such a simple question but have you thought about it lately?  What is that thing that REALLY really matters to you?

That thing that lights you up?

That thing that you go out of your way for, by choice, with joy, every time?

That thing that calms you when you’re crazy, that comforts you when you’re lost?

(scroll down for a freebie ‘what matters’ guide – or read on for more details)


Why does what matters matter?


When I ask people what matters most to them they often look at me as if I’m mad.  Why would I want to know that?  Then, they often look a little lost and maybe utter something that they think I want to hear.

And it’s only too easy to get wrapped up in the thing that matter to other people.

Did you ever notice in our society it’s taboo to declare the thing that YOU personally need?  Particularly when you prioritise that over and above things like the very socially acceptable priorities of family, health or happiness…  What IF there’s something more you need?  What happens then?


You see, that thing / those things that matter most to you are absolutely essential.  Take some time, think about it.  What is it that you really need in your life?  What really and truly matters most to you?

Would you like a freebie interactive ‘what matters’ guide?  It’s yours HERE – no strings attached.  Just take the time, nurture you and connect with what matters most to you.  If you want to write some more about it join us here for further conversation.

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