Did you kick off Spring feeling a bit flustered?

Like the year is slipping away

and you’re not quite reaching your goals?

Or, thinking right now…



I totally get that feeling
Grumpy, end of school term kids,
A whole range of tasks to get to in your business before the year is out
Varying family demands
And then your client needs on top of that

It’s enough to make you crawl into a hole and stay there, where it’s quiet and you can just focus on doing ONE THING only.

In fact, I bet that you’ve been so busy serving other people this year that you don’t even know which way is up.  I wonder when the last time you had a GUILT FREE bit of time for yourself was?  I wonder how connected you are to the things that matter most to you?
Not just your family, I know you are there for them – but the other things:  your creativity, your hobbies, your passions, your health.  What happened to those things?


Anyhoo, I thought I’d put something together for you, a taste test if you like of my new programs for mums in business.  In fact, it’s so new I haven’t even given it a name yet.  I though, well… I have the content, how about we try it out and we can come up with a name together.

With three kids and a business of my own I certainly don’t proclaim to be ‘the expert’, but my humble offering is to be your guide in the months leading into Christmas.

Through that time we’ll explore:

* Tools and ideas to save you time and create more productivity
* How to bring focus to your business offering and maximise your earning potential
* Ways to get your work / life balance back in order
* MUM GUILT and how to move beyond the ‘supermum myth’
And more…


All through term 4 you’ll have access to:

* A weekly group coaching call with me, giving you access to troubleshoot / learn and share information with a network of like minded mums in business (valued over $325)
* A swag of business resources offering you a CURATED range of tools, resources and connections all designed to save you time, money and brainpower (let’s face it, you could google all of the tools you need but who has the time to not only do that but sort through the useful tools and the useless ones? I’ve done it for you.)
* FREE access to Evolve Network’s Find My Mojo program to help you rediscover that magic power that defines you (valued at $24.95)
* FREE access to Evolve Network’s Kickstart Energiser program to help you get more out of your goal setting (valued at $129)
* Unlimited email support – direct access to me via email throughout the duration of the taster program.  You’ll use this for burning questions, to ask for HELP! and to troubleshoot.  I might not always have the answers but I’ll certainly source the information for you
* Your own copy of the Kickstart interactive e-book (valued at $9.95)

AND a bonus planning call and webinar as the second week of the school holidays draws to a close


The TASTER program will commence on Tuesday 6 October and continue until Friday 18 December.


The Term 4 TASTER program is valued way over $490

It’s yours for – $237

AND – the first 5 to sign up will also get a FREE Blockage Blaster coaching session with me, valued at $395

Want in?
BEFORE 30 September 2015

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