Last night I dropped my son off to his first high school dance.

He’s in grade 7 so a relative newbie at a big school, he didn’t (outwardly) contemplate the last two dances of the year but last night was the night.

He’d been mulling it over all week and finally decided on the day of the dance to get his ticket. He came home ticket in pocket and decided not to go, then to go, then not to go, then what did I think, then what did dad think, then that his friend was only going because he was, then it was too cold, then – OK with a 10 minutes countdown HE WAS DOING IT.

So, I dropped my cruisy kid off under slightly awkward instructions to wait in the car and text my whereabouts for the pickup after the dance.

As I drove away I saw him walk, or was that swagger towards the entrance where he met a friend. I smiled, HE DID IT! My kid coped with his first high school dance.

As I waited in my designated ‘place’ (now that’s a rare place for me to be) I thought about that feeling of being terrified and yet excited about something new. I remembered all of the expectations that come up, the panic about the things that could go wrong and the elation of having achieved something that’s just a little outside of your comfort zone.

It reminded me of public speaking and how I once used to feel so ill and my hands would shake so hard I couldn’t see my notes. I remembered the worry and fear of staggering into hospital two weeks overdue to give birth to this same kid – feeling that same terror and excitement.

I acknowledged that it’s these defining moments when we have an incredible opportunity to jump in, or wait at the dock.

So, what is it that you’ve been waiting to do? What is that thing that both terrifies and exhilarates you? Well, I dare you to GO FOR IT. Don’t wait until the time is perfect because it never will be.

Let me know what that amazing thing you choose to do is. And remember to smile wide as you move forward because no matter what this thing is YOU DID IT…