Right now I’m delivering the role of Director of Regional Development for Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast and Norfolk Island.

In this role I’ve had the absolute privilege to see numerous creative and capacity building projects come to life including:

  • Ignite Mid North Coast (a business conference with a twist – 2017-2019)
  • Norfolk Island business tourism and agribusiness incubator (2019-2020)
  • My Future Workforce (a skill linking platform
  • SMART Region Strategy (this was researched and written by our Innovation Manager)
  • North Coast Employment Strategy
  • Employment Blueprints
  • Remote office – yes, we dumped the traditional model pre-covid

All produced in collaboration with various partners and team members.


  • Community Practitioner Academy – offering online learning and in person workshops
  • Spiralling up – a book celebrating creative ideas in economic recovery in regional Australia
  • Spiralling up podcast

I’m always keen to hear about how you’d like to collaborate. Please get in touch

(PS – page prompted by Derek Sivers who created one of my all time favourite community education resources – “First Follower: Leadership Lessons with the Dancing Guy“) Thanks Derek !