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Hands off the stationery cupboard

Hands off the stationery cupboard 

I still remember going to visit my mum at work and drooling over the stationery cupboard.

It kind of looked like an over-sized vault with a stainless steel type finish

As far as I was concerned it was the most valuable thing onsite and I’d love spending as long as I could just gazing into it, jaw dropped, probably drooling and just touching and smelling the lovely stationery goodness.

Every now and then I’d be allowed to dive in and the most marvelous workbooks, magazines, artworks and business tools for my Barbies would be created. (well barbies in my house had a thriving metropolitan CBD with a range of shops providing goods and services that THEY NEEDED. Didn’t yours?)

Phah! That gives away a a bit too much. Sorry to my sister for any post traumatic stress.

Anyway, as I got older and my capacity to buy my own stationery increased (and increased) I continue to take great pride in discovering the funkiest – or best priced – or the reddest – or the WHAT AM I SAYING… I love it all

You’d think my childhood memories of stationery love would give me capacity to nurture this passion in my own children.

But let me tell you NOTHING could be further from the truth

In fact, the closest I’ve ever come to willingly sharing my supply is carrying a constant supply of stick it notes in my bag, a leftover from when my kids were smaller. If there’s a screaming kid in my vicinity you can guarantee they’ll end up with a wad of this magical, stationery goodness – it has NEVER failed me.

In fact, it drives me wild when I find a hole punch in their bedroom, or see their grubby hands pulling JUST ONE MORE PIECE of paper out of the printer, or they have the audacity to print COLOUR – COLOUR – how could they possibly thing that is OK.

My childhood exposure was the one cupboard but for my kids having access to a whole home office is utterly heavenly, that is until the stationery troll (me) stomps in and spoils the party.

Even as they’ve become more cunning at being in the office at times I’m not, at being sneaky and tucking a stapler under an arm, or brazen bringing in a whole bag and packing up a whole bounty of goods I can still tell they’ve been in here by the imprints of jammy hands all over my stuff.

It makes me thoroughly realise what a patient and wonderful mum I have. When it comes to stationery I’m CERTAINLY not made of the same levels of patience. But short of keeping an inventory record I’ve kinda given up. The thing that keeps me going is that I know this will come around again, a love of stationery is surely contagious and somewhere into the future my children too will grapple with their own about stationery theft.

And in the meantime I can continue to protect my domain to the best of my ability.


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