Teenagers: Not ever the easiest bunch to engage.

Teachers: Saintly or cynical – they’ve done a lot to earn their stripes

Covid: Instigator of change and adaption

Confession: In high school I learned a lot about our local beaches

Disclaimer: Although I worked in adult education for a decade – you couldn’t pay me enough to be a high school teacher

$200 Reward? I’m in awe of the teachers who are brave enough to shake things up. This is my hand in my pocket – want to add to the reward pool ? Email me here.

Back story

Like so many parents I’ve spoken with of late things are tough for our young learners right now. No matter where you live in Australia the quality of your child’s education is very much in the hands of your chosen educational institution’s ability to ‘pivot’ – and (as it may be better determined) the stealth applied by individual teachers as they manoeuvre  and stretch through very rigid boundaries (noting kudos to those brave individuals who choose to).

While I have oodles of respect and patience for our teachers who are also doing it tough right now – I cannot understand how they have not been better equipped with the tools needed to venture into the unknown. To create, discover, grow and at the very least have some of the sharp boundaries relaxed, just a little so they can be humans for their younger humans…

Sure. If Covid and lockdowns were new we could all stare with equal confusion into the oncoming headlights. But it’s not. Not even close. We’ve had time – so why are we still delivering the same old stuff, the same old way and thinking it’s OK ? Because actually, it’s not.

Yes, the many, many boundaries and rules are set to protect our young people (and who could argue that important topic), to ensure they receive ‘quality’ education, and to maintain order. But… I ask you – How did the coolest kindy teacher on the planet just get away with it? What does he and his principal know that so many other schools don’t seem to know. And when will the Department of Education decide to put the guy in charge.

I was 27 when I started university – 32 when I graduated. Much of this hesitation to continue my formal learning had to do with what is best described as “Meh” experiences in high school.  Experiences that hinted at education being about reaching the goal, as opposed to loving the experience.

Right now we are looking down the barrel of a generation of disengaged kids. Kids who are switching off in a time when we needed our bright young minds to switch on more than ever before.

No, I’m not negating the responsibility of parents in this equation – it takes a village as they say. And, at that centre of the village are the places where we come together and learn.

My head is pretty sore through constant banging against the rules and lacking desire to embrace change. So, in order to preserve my sanity I’m posting a reward…

$200 cash from my own pocket for the most engaging online high school teacher.

Why? Because I want to prove that it can be done and shout the success from the tallest buildings.

So, is this you or someone you know?  Tell me more in the comments below… I’ll make a decision by 30 September – and if you’d like to kick the tin for the reward let me know via email  I think it’s high time we start shouting out about the positive people who are moving with the times and creating great experiences for our young folk.