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Beware the mutant head lice PART 2

Beware the mutant head lice PART 2 

So, I put out a call for home remedies for nits.  Here’s an update for you. I haven’t had the need to try any to date so try at your own risk…

Thanks for all who contributed


1. Tea tree oil.  A few drops in the shampoo when washing and a few drops on their shoulders each morning before school

2. Tea tree and lavender mixed with water in a spray bottle.

3. zinc

4. Apple cider vinegar dissolves the glue that they use to stick the eggs to the hair. Coconut oil suffocates the live ones. Comb out with a nit comb

5. Tea tree and lavender in conditioner and leave for a while before combing thru with a nit comb

6. Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and ecokids shampoo

7. Hot hair dryer & hair moose! Definately the hot dryer will kill them when you focus the heat enough & some strong hair moose will glue them down & kill them


All I would say more effective than ‘good old fashioned‘ dousing in petrol, head shaving and mentholated spirits.


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