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A mindful classroom

A mindful classroom 

The ability of my 9 year old daughter to organise people and things never ceases to amaze me.

This child just knows how to engage others to get things done.  She knows how to do this because she seems to have this magic power of ‘getting’ people.  She just seems to get how people work.  Either that or she knows how to hypnotise people, that’s quite possible too.  Every time I thought I was getting a great deal when we were visiting Thailand the reality was she was standing behind me fluttering her eyelashes.

Things happened differently for Ms 9.  She was born into our 3 year TV fast and even though we put the thing back on for the following 6 years of her life she still finds it difficult to engage in ‘the box’.

She had two years at home by herself before she caught up to the other kids in school.  And in that time she had many unique experiences from going to work and countless meetings with mum, to doing quotes with dad.

But her abilities to notice, focus and move forward really ramped up last year, and I truly credit an enormous amount of this to her classroom, or more appropriately her teacher.

Just this evening she wanted some help with her homework.  My incredibly tired and scrambled brain was struggling to comprehend the barrage of messages hurling out of the TV, not to mention questions from the other two children and simultaneously trying to chew on one side of my mouth only after a filling yesterday.

Rather than the usual “mum! muuum! maaarrrrmmmm” which may get my attention but also garnishes a frosty reception, she looked me square in my spinning eyes and said;

“Mum, I need you to focus on me for just a little while”

What 9 year old says that?  For that matter, what 9 year old even thinks to string these words together?

So I did focus, we got through the very few questions and her need was met.

Adding to her skill kit, last year Ms. 9 had the most incredible school teacher.  A teacher who brought mindfulness into the daily class routine.

Even though 9 says it’s boring, I can see her demonstrating her skills every day.  Mindfulness, she tells me is about being very still.  It’s about noticing your breath and focusing.

9 knows more about mindfulness now than I feel I’ve learned in my 41 years.

Over the holidays two gaggles of girls visited our house.  The first Ms 9’s friends.  They played puzzles, baked a cake which was carefully iced and divided equally.  I hardly knew the four girls were in the house.

A stark comparison to tween’s friend day.  Let’s just say the paint was holding onto the walls for dear life. (not that I love them any less of course)

The only consistent evidence I can find is the mindfulness which is exemplified through the strong awareness the girls have in the way they are in the world, and the world around them is.

If this tiny data sample is anything to go by it truly makes me wonder why mindfulness isn’t part of the school curriculum.  Imagine the world we would live in with focused, relaxed and engaged little people.


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